A YCN competition brief to create an idea and communications plan on how First Mile can get a RecycleBox into every household. In order to drive mass awareness of the product and get people talking about it on social platforms and participating in promotional days. 
The campaign focuses on large scale activity boxes called ‘The First Mile Reveal boxes’, to reveal an image, the consumer would need to collect 6 Recycle Boxes, each part of the recycle box has one illustrated/photograph image which would reveal an image related to climate change or natural habitats that the audience would help save if they recycle. The consumer would take pictures of each part of the image, once all 6 have been collected, they would post a digital collage online to create a discussion amongst their community and win prizes.​​​​​​​
There is an alternative box to the positive box to the environment, this may alternate per week, displaying the progress of helping the environment. The negative box is to justify that if we don’t recycle, these are the negative impacts (image on the box) will happen to sea life. A new series of boxes would change per season. Each box displays a set of facts about climate change or waste, with hand drawn illustrations and writing which creates a natural and personal touch, this refers to the idea of community and working together to help reduce climate change and pollution. 
The 4 Recycle Box designs
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